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What happens when a company with a 300 year history of changing the way we taste, pairs up with the most popular beverage of all time? The birth of the COCA-COLA + RIEDEL GLASS.

Riedel, a manufacturer of crystal wine glasses was stablished in Bohemia in 1756. Riedel is the originator of the concept of having glasses with characteristics designed to enhance types of wines. The shapes direct the wine to different parts of the mouth, emphasizing the best characteristics of the wine.

The COCA-COLA + RIEDEL GLASS was developed with a tasting panel, led by 10th generation Riedel owner Georg J Riedel. The panel, that included top flavor experts with the most intimate knowledge of Coca-Cola flavors, tasted the iconic beverage from numerous glasses of different shapes and sizes. The panel unanimously determined that the resulting glass delivers the optimal Coca-Cola taste experience, enchanting all the senses with the unique flavors of one of the world’s most celebrated beverages.

Riedel, pioneers in the creation of functional glassware, guided the creative process, in partnership with Coca-Cola to
ensure that the ultimate creation was the perfect blend of art and science. To discover what effects glassware
of different size and shape had on the perception of the beverage, Coca-Cola experts explored the profound
differences in flavor illustrated by different shapes, namely, how vividly certain shapes enhance the experience and
unique flavor balance of Coca-Cola.

The resulting COCA-COLA + RIEDEL GLASS was inspired by the original Coca-Cola “Contour” bottle, one of the most
recognized packages on the planet, patented nearly 100 years ago, in 1915.

Riedel Coca Cola Glasses

Nambé began during modernism’s mid-century design movement. Their pieces transcend trends and generations. Each piece carries an undeniable beauty, artistic integrity, uncompromised quality and function beyond compare. Nambé combines fine materials with hand craftsmanship and design from the world’s most esteemed artists.

Their signature metal alloy (and a 15-step casting process) ensures Nambé metal designs have the beauty and luster of silver, the strength of iron and will amazingly not crack, chip or tarnish. Because Nambé’s alloy is a trade secret, the Nambé company does not divulge the rest of the formula.

More than just durable and functional, Nambé pieces are actually works of art. You’ll find them in The British Museum in London to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as numerous museums around the world. If you’re ready to take your table to a place it’s never been before, this is a great company to check out.

Here are some of our personal favorites.

Nambé Crystal Tilt Decanter Set. Have the room tilting before you start drinking!

Nambé Crystal Tilt Decanter Set

Nambé Tilt Goblets, will elevate the flattest table to an exciting, and interesting plane.

Nambé Tilt Goblet Set of 2.

Nambé Kissing Candlesticks are a masterpiece for your center piece.

Nambé Kissing Candlesticks

Nambé Kissing Candlesticks.

Nambé Lovebirds Bowl. Beauty in it’s purest, and most elegant form.

Nambé Lovebirds Bowl

Nambé Twist Vase, brillant and beautiful.

Nambe Twist Vase

Here comes June, a wondrous month that is a whirlwind of fantastical weddings and glowing brides. Amidst the hype and flurry of planning and coordinating, the burning question on everyone’s mind is always the same; what will she wear?

Since the beginning of time, designers have floored us with their exquisite designs. Bridal designers, however, are on top. No one argues that the proverbial stamp of individual goodness is imprinted on each dazzling product. Allow us to transport you into the whimsical world of bridal dreams and dresses.

We’ve always loved the timeless bridal designers; what better way to bring their taste home than to  bedeck our tables with the tableware they’ve created, by translating their bridal inspiration into tableware that will stun our guests, and ourselves, time and time again.

To namedrop a few…

Vera Wang, a name synonymous with bridal masterpieces, brings the delicate and tasteful elegance of her creations to the table. Her fine detailing and unmistakable touch has transformed the face of tableware, forever.

Vera Wang Bridal Design

Let’s see Vera on our tables! Vera Wang’s intricate and understated design translates into elegant tableware.

Vera Wang Dinnerware

We absolutely adore the Gilded Weave by Vera Wang! Its decor echos Vera’s pinpoint design so artfully incorporated in her dresses. Notice how Vera’s characteristic clean lines create the modern product that is her signature look.

Monique Lhuillier is known for her ultra-romantic confections. Designer-bat-designer, Monique was encouraged from a young age to pursue her passion for fashion infused bridal dresses. The pure fantasy of getting dressed up for special occasions, specifically weddings, serve as her inspiration. Take a look at her ingenious designs…

Monique Lhuiller Bridal Design

Can’t wait to see that bridal touch molded into the round shape of dinnerware and sculpted glasses! Fantastical design converted into practical application…Brilliant!

Monique Lhuiller Dinnerware

We love the talent and skill so clearly woven into the Femme Fatale by Monique Lhuiller set. The modern contrast and design tell of bridal design unique to Monique.

Another icon, Jasper Conran, has left an indelible imprint in the land of lacy confections and twirling dreams that is every girl’s A-1 fantasy. His individual and progressive taste appeals to the bridal constituents and bedazzles crowds worldwide. Here’s to Conran!

Jasper Conran Bridal Design

Can you imagine that adapted and transformed into elegant bridal tableware? We think it is sensational, how about you?

Jasper Conran Dinnerware

We can’t resist it either! The delightful Blue Pinstripe by Jasper Conran is the perfect combination of fashion-forward design and bridal delicacy.

Here’s a peak at some of our favorite photos from the Bitayavon Magazine + Silver Spoon photoshoot:

Dinnerware: Lattice Gold by Nikko; Napkin Jewels Band by L’Object

Spice Jewels by L’Object; Vases by Tozai

Dinnerware: Floral Majesty by Lenox; Bowl: Agean Gold by L’Objet; Napkin Ring: Topaz Blossom by Bodrum

 Aegean by L’Objet

Dinner and Salad Plates: Laque De Chine by Haviland; Accent Plate: Floral Majesty by Lenox

Lismore Castle in County Waterford, Ireland.

Many years ago, 60 to be precise, Waterford Crystal introduced what has become known as the cream of the crops of  timeless stemware - Lismore. That’s right, our favorite stemware, inspired by 18th century gothic architecture of the 800-year-old Lismore Castle in County Waterford, Ireland, took root. The Lismore pattern was created by Waterford Crystal designer Miroslav Havel in 1952. Lismore, the icon of crystal, the envy  of fine glass, commands the world. Its signature, the crisp diamond cuts, tells of early Penrose design. Its allure stems from symmetrical upward flowing wedge cuts. Step in, for a moment, into the esteemed shoes of a connoisseur of ornamental crystallized quartz, and take in the utter beauty and sheer wisdom of such skillful art. Appreciate the effect of technical construction to produce tableware which mirrors architecture of yore. Lismore brings us all forms of tableware and each piece we see is more enchanting than the next!

Lismore Barware by Waterford Crystal

Lismore takes on color! Sure, we love the classic and untainted crystal, but imagine the pop of color! Your table instantly sparks eyes and mouthes alike! Bring out Lismore Jewels Toasting Flutesto adorn and sparkle. This new twist on age-old drinkware captivates hosts and guests of all generations and puts the final touch on every table.

Lismore Jewels Flutes by Waterford Crystal

You think that’s revolutionary? See what came next: In honor of the milestone 60th anniversary, Lismore stylists were enlisted to take the original, pure form and personalize it with their unique and edgy touch. The results: sensational masterpieces called Lismore Essence. The ideal harmonious synthesis of brilliant clarity that is Lismore coupled with sleek modernity that is Lismore Essence. The world was sold.

Lismore Essence by Waterford Crystal

As we say goodbye to the chill of the passing winter, we welcome early Spring. What better way to herald in this wonderful weather other than by embracing it on our tables. That’s right, we love our tableware to reflect the gorgeous feel of the season. Cool ocean breezes, early morning bird chirping and the unforgettable feel of summer lace dress. This post has been inspired by this  Timeout article.

Birds of Spring - Image by TimeOut New York

Dare to take a plunge and dive into the aquatic Oceanus Crystal Stemware from Mikasa? You will only be amazed at the crisp ocean inspired serveware.

Alternate our favorite oval accent plate set, Chirp by Lenox, with gorgeous turquoise table runners. Your tableware- and your guests- will soar!

Understated elegance, inspired by the lace dresses of the season - Alencon Gold by L'Objet, have captured our eyes. Pair this delicate design cream linens for a divine masterpiece.


This month we teamed up with Bitayavon Magazine, and put together a little spread detailing the ins and outs of a perfect table.

It was such a fabulous experience, and really enjoyable working with the super talented photographer Ruvi Lieder!

All the Tableware and Flatware can be found on our website.


Our spread in bitayavon magazine

We recently took part in the Ten-Yad auction, a wonderful cause that raises money for underprivileged brides to ensure they get the dream wedding every girl deserves.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful display!

Silver Spoon Showcase

Silver Spoon Showcase

Yamazaki Byzantine Gold Accent Stemware
Yamazaki Byzantine Gold Accent Stemware

Persia Jewelry Collection by Prouna

Diana Jeweled Dinnerware by Prouna

Diana Jeweled Dinnerware by Prouna

Stafford Flower by Spode and Waterford Powerscourt Gold Accent

As the summer draws to a close, New York City becomes a hive of activity for the 2012 Fashion Week. Curious eyes hungrily take it all in, as everyone is excited to see what the styles and colors will be for the upcoming year. Reviewing the photos, we immediately picked up on a beautiful trend, across various runways Deep Jewel Tones stood out amongst the rest.

Gucci Deep Jewel Tones, NYC fashion week.

Gucci Deep Jewel Tones, NYC fashion week.

For us, runway translates into tableware, and dishes in gorgeous ways. Try blues in your crystal, eggplant purple and burgundy contrasting crisp white china, and sapphire greens serveware to infuse your table with colors worthy of royalty. Here are some magnificent takes on some of fall’s most fashionable colors:

Color Studio Blue/Gold by Mikasa

We love this modern take on the classic navy

L'objet Napkin Holder.

Pair this gilded L'object Napkin Holder with clean white linens for an easy way to bring this season's ombres, dusty blue and olive green to the table.

Araglin Prestige Cobalt Bowl by Waterford

Go all out with this ruby bowl by Waterford