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A Table Fit for a Bride!

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Here comes June, a wondrous month that is a whirlwind of fantastical weddings and glowing brides. Amidst the hype and flurry of planning and coordinating, the burning question on everyone’s mind is always the same; what will she wear?

Since the beginning of time, designers have floored us with their exquisite designs. Bridal designers, however, are on top. No one argues that the proverbial stamp of individual goodness is imprinted on each dazzling product. Allow us to transport you into the whimsical world of bridal dreams and dresses.

We’ve always loved the timeless bridal designers; what better way to bring their taste home than to  bedeck our tables with the tableware they’ve created, by translating their bridal inspiration into tableware that will stun our guests, and ourselves, time and time again.

To namedrop a few…

Vera Wang, a name synonymous with bridal masterpieces, brings the delicate and tasteful elegance of her creations to the table. Her fine detailing and unmistakable touch has transformed the face of tableware, forever.

Vera Wang Bridal Design

Let’s see Vera on our tables! Vera Wang’s intricate and understated design translates into elegant tableware.

Vera Wang Dinnerware

We absolutely adore the Gilded Weave by Vera Wang! Its decor echos Vera’s pinpoint design so artfully incorporated in her dresses. Notice how Vera’s characteristic clean lines create the modern product that is her signature look.

Monique Lhuillier is known for her ultra-romantic confections. Designer-bat-designer, Monique was encouraged from a young age to pursue her passion for fashion infused bridal dresses. The pure fantasy of getting dressed up for special occasions, specifically weddings, serve as her inspiration. Take a look at her ingenious designs…

Monique Lhuiller Bridal Design

Can’t wait to see that bridal touch molded into the round shape of dinnerware and sculpted glasses! Fantastical design converted into practical application…Brilliant!

Monique Lhuiller Dinnerware

We love the talent and skill so clearly woven into the Femme Fatale by Monique Lhuiller set. The modern contrast and design tell of bridal design unique to Monique.

Another icon, Jasper Conran, has left an indelible imprint in the land of lacy confections and twirling dreams that is every girl’s A-1 fantasy. His individual and progressive taste appeals to the bridal constituents and bedazzles crowds worldwide. Here’s to Conran!

Jasper Conran Bridal Design

Can you imagine that adapted and transformed into elegant bridal tableware? We think it is sensational, how about you?

Jasper Conran Dinnerware

We can’t resist it either! The delightful Blue Pinstripe by Jasper Conran is the perfect combination of fashion-forward design and bridal delicacy.

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