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Nambé, a Museum on Your Table.

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Nambé began during modernism’s mid-century design movement. Their pieces transcend trends and generations. Each piece carries an undeniable beauty, artistic integrity, uncompromised quality and function beyond compare. Nambé combines fine materials with hand craftsmanship and design from the world’s most esteemed artists.

Their signature metal alloy (and a 15-step casting process) ensures Nambé metal designs have the beauty and luster of silver, the strength of iron and will amazingly not crack, chip or tarnish. Because Nambé’s alloy is a trade secret, the Nambé company does not divulge the rest of the formula.

More than just durable and functional, Nambé pieces are actually works of art. You’ll find them in The British Museum in London to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as numerous museums around the world. If you’re ready to take your table to a place it’s never been before, this is a great company to check out.

Here are some of our personal favorites.

Nambé Crystal Tilt Decanter Set. Have the room tilting before you start drinking!

Nambé Crystal Tilt Decanter Set

Nambé Tilt Goblets, will elevate the flattest table to an exciting, and interesting plane.

Nambé Tilt Goblet Set of 2.

Nambé Kissing Candlesticks are a masterpiece for your center piece.

Nambé Kissing Candlesticks

Nambé Kissing Candlesticks.

Nambé Lovebirds Bowl. Beauty in it’s purest, and most elegant form.

Nambé Lovebirds Bowl

Nambé Twist Vase, brillant and beautiful.

Nambe Twist Vase

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