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Weddings are a celebratory ritual that allow for the coming together of friends, families, and strangers. Flowers, dancing, food, drink – a wedding is a cause for happiness that few other events in life can equal. The spring and summer are especially popular times to celebrate the union of two individuals. Purity, sanctity, and promise are all virtues that are upheld and honored during this time.

If you are attending a wedding soon, you want to provide the lucky couple with a gift that reflects the seriousness of their decision to come together. Fine china dinnerware or hostess sets make fine gifts for bridal shower too.

These presents, since they are of high quality, will be used by the couple for years. Ideally, even as they age into their golden years, they will remember who gave them such a gift. Wouldn’t you like for your present to be remembered and appreciated until death do you part?

Fine china dinnerware and Reed and Barton silverware make excellent gifts for bridal shower or the wedding celebration. If you are thinking about what to get the couple whose wedding you’re attending, think about giving a true impression of friendship with a lasting present of quality.

There’s a certain feeling one gets when at a nice dinner party.

You walk in to the ornate dining room, and the long maple table shimmers in spots where Gorham silverware and fine china dinnerware aren’t covering it. The table is set for at least ten, and hot plates are already in position, awaiting the arrival of food. On top of the placemats are gold chargers and on top of those, sit the fine china dinnerware and red folded napkins, ringed. Each napkin ring is different, some have diagonal stripes, others have small silver stamped designs, but none look out of place; in fact, it seems as though they all came in the same set. The chandelier dangles and light refracts through the crystal while below it the flames of the two high candles jump and flicker. Two forks, two spoons, two glasses; it seems like everything comes in pairs. The china cabinet that holds all of this fine china dinnerware when it’s not in use sits at one end of the room, and you can see into the living room down through the hallway with the baby grand piano and large light brown leather couches.

As everyone sits at their places, you wait for the hostess to be seated. She lifts her Gorham silverware fork and with that, everyone begins to eat.

The springtime is a very popular time for weddings, and you know what that means. Gifts for bridal shower time. You’re probably poring over your registry, trying to decide what to get and how much to spend. It can be stressful because you want to get something that is meaningful and not just tossed onto a heap of wedding gifts. There are so many companies out there that claim to have quality hostess sets but sell cheap stuff, or overprice the hostess sets that are quality. If you want to make the process easier, visit www.SilverSpoonStore.com to do your shopping.

If you’re looking for fine china dinnerware, you’ve come to the right place. We have Gorham silverware, Reed and Barton silverware, hostess sets and tons of other gifts for bridal shower. This fine china dinnerware is the perfect wedding gift because it is high quality and will last for years of dinner parties. Reed and Barton silverware is some of the finest in the world – in the Francis I collection, each individual piece has a different floral or fruit arrangement and is made from sterling silver.

These hostess sets will delight your bride because they are high quality; the kind of silverware that is passed down for generations and is not meant for everyday use, but for those special occasions, like when you come over for dinner.

In the world of fine china dinnerware and flatware, there are many terms thrown about. These terms can be pretty mind-boggling if you have no experience with formal dining and the items that you use during such a dinner. Admittedly, there are a lot of things that look identical, but have completely different functions. Three things that often get confused in the world of formal dining are hostess sets, serving sets, and entertainment sets.  Hopefully this blog post will help shed some light on the differences between these three similar sets.

Hostess sets:                  

Hostess sets typically include a tablespoon, a pierced tablespoon, a sugar spoon and a butter serving knife.

Serving Set:

Serving sets are generally composed of a cold meat fork, a gravy ladle and a tablespoon.

Entertainment Set:

An entertainment set usually is a large serving spoon, a large serving fork, and a pastry server.

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There’s something refined about drinking tea.

Maybe it’s the image we have of royals sipping their afternoon teas in their elaborate palaces.

Maybe it’s the vast history—it has been said that tea was introduced sometime around the 10th century.
After water, it is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.

Any tea lover will tell you that a good cup of tea is even better when it’s in a beautifully decorated-fine boned china tea cup.

If you’re looking for gifts for bridal shower the 100 Years of Royal Albert 10-Piece Teacup & Saucer Set is the perfect gift for the bride-to-be, who loves tea. This beautiful set is composed of 5 tea cups and 5 saucers from Royal Albert, a successful British china company with rich history, dating back to 1896.

The 5 teacups and saucers are fine-boned china, have gold banding, are dishwasher safe, have a commemorative back stamp, and are beautifully packaged. The distinctive patterns pay homage to the Royal Albert brand’s vitality and longevity combining rich classic shapes, and ornate and delicate floral design patterns.

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I’ve given my closest friends theater tickets, day spa vouchers, clothes, jewelry, lingerie and all sorts of things over the years for their birthdays, but these days, I like to give them fine china dinnerware because it’s something they can treasure and remember me by forever. And I’m not talking full, formal dinnerware sets of plates because they already have those.

I’m talking about individual, one-off pieces of fine china dinnerware with striking or quirky designs that bring color to the dining table. After all, it can be a little boring when everything looks the same, especially when you’re just having a casual meal. In my opinion, you can never have enough serving plates and platters, and serveware with an off-beat look really creates a talking point when you’re hosting. Recently, for her 40th birthday, I gave one of my friends a gorgeous Arabesque by Dansk fish-shaped platter, which I found through www.SilverSpoonStore.com. Blue and white, it’s such a cute piece, perfect for holding bread rolls or cheese at the table. Now my other friends all want one for their birthdays!

Spring is a time for renewal.

So this spring, why don’t you take a cue from Mother Nature and renew your dinnerware, flatware, and hostess sets, with a fresh and exciting look. The mild weather makes people who’ve been cooped up inside all winter want to get out, socialize, and celebrate.

There’s no better way to celebrate the new season of flowers, fresh air, and sunshine than by throwing a spring soiree using some new dinnerware.

Plate your food with Gorham’s Square Butterfly Menagerie Plates and don’t go without the matching Gorham silverware. The square plates are a great alternative to plain old round dinnerplates and the vibrant colors really brighten up the party. No hostess is complete without a matching serving tray, and luckily Gorham has you covered there too. When used with the Gorham silverware and hostess sets, you have a fresh, exciting take on the classic spring dinner party.

If you want a little more spring in your step be sure to get the Gorham Color Rings glasses which come in a variety of styles. These art deco glasses are a stylish, pretty way to dress up a typical drinking glass.

If you’re interested in getting a little spring freshness in your dinnerware, check out Silverspoonstore.com where you’ll find the Gorham Butterfly Mengarie items on sale for 30% off.

One of my biggest problems is that I always use my china or flatware that is supposed to be reserved for fancy occasions.

What can I say, I like bringing out my fine china, even if I’m having macaroni and cheese for dinner. It makes me feel fancy!

But using your fancy stuff everyday can be pretty hard on them, especially fine china dinnerware and I’ve recently found a few chips in my favorite set.

A friend of mine who I have over for dinner at least once a week, recognized my compulsive need to use fine flatware and china on every occasion and bought me the 1800 Reed and Barton Silverware and hostess set.

It was the sweetest thing! The flatware is amazing and the understated elegant design looks good whether I’m serving take out or Foie Gras.

I like fancy flatware because it’s heavy and durable, and trust me when I say that Reed and Barton Silverware is no exception. It looks great with my matching hostess set. The hostess set comes with a tablespoon, pierced tablespoon, a sugar spoon and a butter serving knife, and the set shares the same elegant simplicity of the Reed and Barton flatware.

Now my next project is to find dinnerware that is this versatile.

A lot of homeowners are interested jazzing up their dinnerware by investing in bone china pieces, although some worry that these purchases will only be used during special occasions. This reluctance is understandable, however bone china is not exclusive to special events. In fact, many sets of fine china dinnerware are ideal for more frequent use.

One of our favorite collections is the Blanc Sur Blanc series by Vera Wang, a designer known for her elegant minimalism. In this bone china set, Wang keeps it simple with a snow white base, matte border details, and a subtle platinum edge. The end result is modern and refined, but not so formal as to be reserved for special evenings only.

Another everyday fine china dinnerware set is Lenox’s Continental Dining Platinum collection, similar to the Vera Wang in that it begins with pristine white bone china. These Lenox pieces are accented with platinum rings, and each is crafted to be both microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

With all of these options for hostess sets, it’s no wonder more and more homeowners are investing in fine china dinnerware. Explore these elegant collections and more at www.SilverSpoonStore.com today.

If you’re in the process of registering for your bridal shower gifts, you might be asking yourself, What don’t I need? Furniture, appliances, hostess sets—all of these things will be helpful in starting your new life. And fortunately, all of these are appropriate gifts for bridal shower registries. Let’s talk about hostess sets.

One basic category that you shouldn’t overlook when registering for gifts is flatware. A lot of couples begin their marriages in households furnished with mix-and-match silverware—a hodgepodge of IKEA sets you each bought in college, most likely.

These pieces will get the job done, of course, but if you’re looking to entertain as a couple, your guests will be much more impressed with a set of Gorham or Reed and Barton silverware. Gorham silverware, especially, is a great buy for new couples, as the utensils are very sleekly designed and will go with almost any fine china dinnerware or other hostess sets you might receive.

So remember, don’t be shy about asking for essential home items when selecting gifts for bridal shower registries. Your friends and family members will love giving you these timeless pieces, and it will allow you to spend your money on other expenses, like car payments and bills.