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A lot of people these days don’t drink tea or have tea parties as often as they used to. However, some people still do this, and they understand how fun something like this can be! I try to do a tea party at least once a month and I invite a few of my friends over for homemade crumpets and petit fours, tea sandwiches and of course… tea!

While these three things are great to begin with, you also have to consider what else to place on the table. You can go for a super modern look, or you could make it a little classier with fine China dinnerware items like teacup and saucers for your tea, sugar bowl for your cubed sugars, creamer bowl for your creamer or milk and side plates or dessert plates for the sandwiches.

I also like to add two other accessories as well. The first thing is a dome dessert tray for the crumpets, I’ve also been known to use cake stands with three or four layers for the petit fours as well as the sandwiches. Next, you also need silverware so you can choose from something like Gorham silverware or Reed and Barton silverware to match your plates, cups and saucers. Lastly, if you really want to make it dainty, you need antique linens and a tablecloth as well as a nice centerpiece – think vase and flowers.

You can also use those paper doilies instead of antique linens if you can’t find them. If you would like to have your own tea party, or if you need gifts for bridal shower parties or hostess sets, visit our website for some of our products!

Appreciators of fine wine understand that enjoying a quality vintage is about more than just taste and smell—it’s an entire experience. Thus, pouring a luxury French or Italian bottle into a pair of bland wine glasses from your IKEA days simply will not suffice. Instead, might we recommend an investment in designer crystal stemware.

One of the hottest collections right now is the Versace Arabesque Amber group, featuring decadent patterning over a unique amber shade that illuminates glasses of red, white, and rosé alike. This collection includes traditional stemware, in addition to coordinating goblets and champagne flutes.

Moreover, you can truly complete your Arabesque Amber set by widening your search from crystal to barware, as this Versace line also includes beautiful red and white wine decanters, as well as whiskey and long drink glasses.

The Arabesque Amber collection is a true favorite at www.SilverSpoonStore.com, and shoppers might also enjoy the Arabesque Clear, which boasts the same elegant designs through perfectly clear crystal. Both of these stemware and barware collections are sure to upgrade the imbibing experience for sommeliers and amateurs alike.

I’m just the kind of guy who loves having guests. All the time. My wife thinks I’m crazy but hey, what can you do? I just enjoy making everybody happy! I love when people love my food, my home, my hospitality and it simply makes me happy.

Yet, having guests always takes a lot of work and preparation. Of course that not every time is dinnertime. It doesn’t have to be a big meal always, but it seems that even a relaxed wine & cheese night takes plenty of planning.

Because to me, it’s all about the design. I believe that how you serve the food matters more than what food you serve. It’s not that a Big Mac will taste better when you call it Bœuf À la carte, but when you have decent food and great looking dinnerware, well, magic will happen.

I can’t really tell you off hand how to design a good looking dinner. But this is why I have this blog. If you visit The Silver Spoon Store Blog occasionally, I promise you will learn everything there is to know about hospitality and how to serve food elegantly and tastefully.

You should also take a minute and visit us at www.SilverSpoonStore.com and browse through our magnificent selection of dinnerware, flatware, stemware and serveware. In our site you will also find an extensive buying guide and a full serveware glossary.

Go ahead and serve with style!