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Shaping Taste, a Riedel Creation.

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What happens when a company with a 300 year history of changing the way we taste, pairs up with the most popular beverage of all time? The birth of the COCA-COLA + RIEDEL GLASS.

Riedel, a manufacturer of crystal wine glasses was stablished in Bohemia in 1756. Riedel is the originator of the concept of having glasses with characteristics designed to enhance types of wines. The shapes direct the wine to different parts of the mouth, emphasizing the best characteristics of the wine.

The COCA-COLA + RIEDEL GLASS was developed with a tasting panel, led by 10th generation Riedel owner Georg J Riedel. The panel, that included top flavor experts with the most intimate knowledge of Coca-Cola flavors, tasted the iconic beverage from numerous glasses of different shapes and sizes. The panel unanimously determined that the resulting glass delivers the optimal Coca-Cola taste experience, enchanting all the senses with the unique flavors of one of the world’s most celebrated beverages.

Riedel, pioneers in the creation of functional glassware, guided the creative process, in partnership with Coca-Cola to
ensure that the ultimate creation was the perfect blend of art and science. To discover what effects glassware
of different size and shape had on the perception of the beverage, Coca-Cola experts explored the profound
differences in flavor illustrated by different shapes, namely, how vividly certain shapes enhance the experience and
unique flavor balance of Coca-Cola.

The resulting COCA-COLA + RIEDEL GLASS was inspired by the original Coca-Cola “Contour” bottle, one of the most
recognized packages on the planet, patented nearly 100 years ago, in 1915.

Riedel Coca Cola Glasses

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