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Nothing makes us happier than to see our favorite designers getting the attention they deserve That’s why we were super excited to see Annieglass’s “Edgey” dish looking beautiful in the Dining Section of the New York Times. Not only, does Annieglass churn out breathtaking glasswork masterpieces time and again, but we love their take on social responsibility and sustainability too.

Annieglass Fine Dinnerware

Annieglass featured in the NYT Dining Section

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Glass is probably the most underrated of all tableware materials. Doomed to be sanctioned as the least formal of dinnerware, this sturdy stock has been the wallflower of tabletop. That was until Annie Morhauser came along and realized that glass was the perfect canvas for her artistic creations. And thus Annieglass was born.

Annie’s first collection, the Roman Antique, a plate of thick glass with a widely painted rim of pure gold, was “a spoof of traditional fine china”.

Since Annie’s first glass masterpiece 30 years ago, glass has risen straight to the head of the class, showing the world it can compete with the finest of fine china, and the loveliest of crystal.

Looking to add some glamor to your holiday table? Annieglass has just the right amount of glitz to make every dinner an event. Here are some of our most favorite pieces:

Annieglass Arabella

Annieglass Roman Dinnerware

Annieglass Hearts Collection

Click here to see the full Annieglass collection. Here’s to a beautiful holiday!