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Here’s a peak at some of our favorite photos from the Bitayavon Magazine + Silver Spoon photoshoot:

Dinnerware: Lattice Gold by Nikko; Napkin Jewels Band by L’Object

Spice Jewels by L’Object; Vases by Tozai

Dinnerware: Floral Majesty by Lenox; Bowl: Agean Gold by L’Objet; Napkin Ring: Topaz Blossom by Bodrum

 Aegean by L’Objet

Dinner and Salad Plates: Laque De Chine by Haviland; Accent Plate: Floral Majesty by Lenox

There are so many types of glasses out there – ever wondered which is meant to be used for what? Here’s a quick and dirty guide that includes everything you need to know:

Fine glassware is usually lumped into two categories, Stemware, the more formal of the pair and usually made of crystal and Barware, which is mainly used for hard liquor.


All glassware begins with, you guessed it, molten glass. Crystal, is made by adding lead to the molten glass which lends it a unique translucency, clarity, and fine color.

Most stemware sets include 4 basic types:

Bellina By Lenox

The Goblet – the good for everything glass with a 12 – 14oz bowl generally used for water, but also can be used for all types for wine.

Red Wine – a 12-16oz glass with a wide-mouthed, rounded bowl that gives the wine plenty of room to breathe. As red wine is served at room temperature, it should be held by the bowl to keep the wine at the appropriate temperature and enhance the aroma.

White Wine – 10-14oz glass that is taller in shape and tapered at the mouth. As white wine is served chilled, it’s best to hold it by the stem to prevent your
hand from warming the wine.

Flute – used for serving champagne, this glass is 6-8oz in size. The flute’s tall shape and small mouth allow the bubbles to move slowly and retain their effervescence.


Unlike Stemware, Barware is used for the hard stuff, like whiskey, bourbon, and vodka. It can be made of crystal or glass.

Arabesque Amber By Versace

Double Old Fashioned – or the DOB, is a short and stout 10-12oz. This wide glass is perfect for drinks “on the rocks” and everyday use.

The Highball – is the DOB’s taller, slimmer brother that holds about 12oz, also called a beverage glass. It is commonly used for mixed or iced drinks. Larger versions are called coolers.

So now you know!


Call it what you will, goblets, chalices, stemware, crystal, there is one thing we know – every drink looks better in a beautiful glass. Here is our shop’s favorite collections:

Vendome Goblet by Noritake#1 Vendome Goblet by Noritake

This gorgeous five piece selection with a flawless silhouette is an instant classes that you will love for a lifetime.

Tulipe by Reed and Barton#2 Tulipe by Reed & Barton

A trio of fluid lines, these voluptuous stems have curves in all the right places.

#3 TAC 02 by Rosenthal Bordeaux

Thoroughly modern, these lovely vessels show off the delicacy of glass to perfection.

Reed & Barton Soho Goblet#4 Reed & Barton Soho Goblet

Reminiscent of your grandmother’s crystal, this gorgeous set of glassware will add just the right splash of sparkle to your table.

Limsore by Waterford#5 Lismore by Waterford

Waterford has always been the king (queen?) of glass, and this time they’ve done it again with this brilliant, timeless collection.


Lenox's Opal Innocence

#6 Lenox’s Opal Innocence

Exquisitely carved with climbing vines, these glasses are a resplendent homage to nature.

Duchesse by Vera Wang#7 Duchesse by Vera Wang

Taking a que from her lovely dress confections, Vera Want recreates her vision in gorgeous glass.


Breeze Blue by Noitake

#8 Breeze Blue by Noritake

Finish off your table setting with a splash of ocean blue.


Vera Wang's Love Knots

#9 Vera Wang’s Love Knots

A set for those with a penchant for playful and a whimsy for the wonderful.

Bellina by Lenox#10 Bellina by Lenox

Delicate floral sprigs are etched on fine crystal, giving this pattern a springtime feel.

This post is a part of the Best of Ten series in celebration of the Silver Spoon Store’s 10th anniversary.

The lazy days of summer are quickly coming to an end and with it your last chance at outdoor entertaining. Summertime is perfect for unwinding with your closest friends and families over picnics, bar-b-ques and outdoor parties. Here are some easy way to make your events effortlessly beautiful.

Summer entertaining is by nature less formal than the usual events. Take this chance to explore your creative side and be adventurous with your table setting choices. Mix up your fine china with chunky glasses or use your crystal stemware with your casual dinnerware to add some interest to your table. Another fun idea is to mix up your glassware for a multi height (and color) presentation.

Serving your goodies buffet style is another way to keep your party friendly and low key. And by using some great looking oven-to-table serveware you save on clean up both before and after the party. They come in so many styles and colors these days that it is easy to find a set that suits both your taste and budget.

Drinks are also super easy to display and serve. Give your H2O an extra kick with some slices of lemon, lime or orange (or all three!) served in a simple glass pitcher. Or add some fresh mint and cucumber for a crisp and light refreshment. Cans of soda and bottles beer can look great and stay frosty in colorful tub full of ice.

Keep decorations fun and fresh by using brightly colored bouquets. You can go for a beach theme by using silver colored sand buckets as vases and seashells are great for keeping napkins safe from the wind. For evening parties, try pillar candles in mason jars for a beautiful centerpiece.

Enjoy the last of these warm weathered days!

Appreciators of fine wine understand that enjoying a quality vintage is about more than just taste and smell—it’s an entire experience. Thus, pouring a luxury French or Italian bottle into a pair of bland wine glasses from your IKEA days simply will not suffice. Instead, might we recommend an investment in designer crystal stemware.

One of the hottest collections right now is the Versace Arabesque Amber group, featuring decadent patterning over a unique amber shade that illuminates glasses of red, white, and rosé alike. This collection includes traditional stemware, in addition to coordinating goblets and champagne flutes.

Moreover, you can truly complete your Arabesque Amber set by widening your search from crystal to barware, as this Versace line also includes beautiful red and white wine decanters, as well as whiskey and long drink glasses.

The Arabesque Amber collection is a true favorite at www.SilverSpoonStore.com, and shoppers might also enjoy the Arabesque Clear, which boasts the same elegant designs through perfectly clear crystal. Both of these stemware and barware collections are sure to upgrade the imbibing experience for sommeliers and amateurs alike.