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Here’s a peak at some of our favorite photos from the Bitayavon Magazine + Silver Spoon photoshoot:

Dinnerware: Lattice Gold by Nikko; Napkin Jewels Band by L’Object

Spice Jewels by L’Object; Vases by Tozai

Dinnerware: Floral Majesty by Lenox; Bowl: Agean Gold by L’Objet; Napkin Ring: Topaz Blossom by Bodrum

 Aegean by L’Objet

Dinner and Salad Plates: Laque De Chine by Haviland; Accent Plate: Floral Majesty by Lenox

As we say goodbye to the chill of the passing winter, we welcome early Spring. What better way to herald in this wonderful weather other than by embracing it on our tables. That’s right, we love our tableware to reflect the gorgeous feel of the season. Cool ocean breezes, early morning bird chirping and the unforgettable feel of summer lace dress. This post has been inspired by this  Timeout article.

Birds of Spring - Image by TimeOut New York

Dare to take a plunge and dive into the aquatic Oceanus Crystal Stemware from Mikasa? You will only be amazed at the crisp ocean inspired serveware.

Alternate our favorite oval accent plate set, Chirp by Lenox, with gorgeous turquoise table runners. Your tableware- and your guests- will soar!

Understated elegance, inspired by the lace dresses of the season - Alencon Gold by L'Objet, have captured our eyes. Pair this delicate design cream linens for a divine masterpiece.


This month we teamed up with Bitayavon Magazine, and put together a little spread detailing the ins and outs of a perfect table.

It was such a fabulous experience, and really enjoyable working with the super talented photographer Ruvi Lieder!

All the Tableware and Flatware can be found on our website.


Our spread in bitayavon magazine

As the summer draws to a close, New York City becomes a hive of activity for the 2012 Fashion Week. Curious eyes hungrily take it all in, as everyone is excited to see what the styles and colors will be for the upcoming year. Reviewing the photos, we immediately picked up on a beautiful trend, across various runways Deep Jewel Tones stood out amongst the rest.

Gucci Deep Jewel Tones, NYC fashion week.

Gucci Deep Jewel Tones, NYC fashion week.

For us, runway translates into tableware, and dishes in gorgeous ways. Try blues in your crystal, eggplant purple and burgundy contrasting crisp white china, and sapphire greens serveware to infuse your table with colors worthy of royalty. Here are some magnificent takes on some of fall’s most fashionable colors:

Color Studio Blue/Gold by Mikasa

We love this modern take on the classic navy

L'objet Napkin Holder.

Pair this gilded L'object Napkin Holder with clean white linens for an easy way to bring this season's ombres, dusty blue and olive green to the table.

Araglin Prestige Cobalt Bowl by Waterford

Go all out with this ruby bowl by Waterford

Pantone, the official “color people” have picked Honeysuckle to be the color of the year, it was chosen to represent optimism and confidence in these stressful and trying times. It is a pink that is playful without overwhelming, whether it is in fine china in your dining room or a sofa in your living room. Here are some samples of Honeysuckle done right:

Honeysuckle AccentsIf you’re worried about going overboard with the pink, Honeysuckle can be used as the perfect accent color. It fits comfortably with a broad range of colors including neutrals such as grey, taupe, beige, tans and caramel as well as black and white. Try Honeysuckle in napkins, chargers, and candleholders, as seen above.

Lenox Floral Fusion

Lenox Floral Fusion

Lenox incorporated Honeysuckle quite beautifully with their Floral Fusion pattern that can be used during any season to leave you feeling summery.

Petite Fleur Pink pattern If Honeysuckle is a bit much for your tastes, here are some tamer versions of pink tableware. Shown are: pink glass iced tea goblets in the Arlington pattern by Mosser. Cup and saucer in the Petite Fleur Pink pattern by Laura Ashley for Johnson Brothers, vintage dinner plate in the Lollipop pattern, Pastelle line, by Mikasa, and Somebunny mug by Hallmark.

Every once in a while you come across something so startling beautiful, so completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before that it makes you stop in wonder. Prouna‘s breathtaking take on fine china and dinnerware is definitely one of those things. A short five years ago, back in 2005 Prouna discovered a how to bond Swarovski Crystals to fine bone china in a way that is so secure, that, get this, makes it dishwasher safe. In fact, they are so confident in their new method of bonding that they guarantee the crystals will last through the life of the piece.

The Stunning Prouna Jewelry Princess Collection

So what does this magical dinnerware look like? Exactly like a fairy crashed straight into a pirate carrying a treasure chest of precious jewels. In other words, a luxury dinnerware collection that is at once intricate but simple, modern yet fairytale worthy, and of course, each one sparkles with just the right touch of Swarovski Crystals.

Prouna Jewelry Persia Collection

Prouna Jewelry Persia Collection

In addition to their jewelery collections, Prouna also has some gorgeous handpainted pieces that make functional dinnerware a work of art.  Fusing form and function, Prouna has taken on the fine china industry already cluttered with amazing designers and comes out a winner each time.

Handpainted Prouna Selene Collection

Handpainted Prouna Selene Collection

In celebration of the Silver Spoon Store’s 10th Anniversary, we’re kicking off a series of Top Ten posts to showcase what we’ve learned in our 10 years in the industry.

As America’s leading tabletop and giftware brand, it’s no surprise that Lenox comes first to mind when thinking of quality dinnerware. Over 120 years old, Lenox has spend the last century building a reputation on its gorgeous collection of dinnerware, flatware and tabletop accessories, made of quality materials and beautiful design. With that, we present the best of the best with the  Top Ten Lenox Dinnerware Patterns:

#1 Opal Innocence

#2 Vintage Jewel

#3 Autumn

#4 Bellina Gold

#5 Pearl Innocence

#6 Chirp

#7 Butterfly Meadow

#8 Gilded Tapestry

#9 Floral Waltz

#10 Antiquity

Glass is probably the most underrated of all tableware materials. Doomed to be sanctioned as the least formal of dinnerware, this sturdy stock has been the wallflower of tabletop. That was until Annie Morhauser came along and realized that glass was the perfect canvas for her artistic creations. And thus Annieglass was born.

Annie’s first collection, the Roman Antique, a plate of thick glass with a widely painted rim of pure gold, was “a spoof of traditional fine china”.

Since Annie’s first glass masterpiece 30 years ago, glass has risen straight to the head of the class, showing the world it can compete with the finest of fine china, and the loveliest of crystal.

Looking to add some glamor to your holiday table? Annieglass has just the right amount of glitz to make every dinner an event. Here are some of our most favorite pieces:

Annieglass Arabella

Annieglass Roman Dinnerware

Annieglass Hearts Collection

Click here to see the full Annieglass collection. Here’s to a beautiful holiday!

The lazy days of summer are quickly coming to an end and with it your last chance at outdoor entertaining. Summertime is perfect for unwinding with your closest friends and families over picnics, bar-b-ques and outdoor parties. Here are some easy way to make your events effortlessly beautiful.

Summer entertaining is by nature less formal than the usual events. Take this chance to explore your creative side and be adventurous with your table setting choices. Mix up your fine china with chunky glasses or use your crystal stemware with your casual dinnerware to add some interest to your table. Another fun idea is to mix up your glassware for a multi height (and color) presentation.

Serving your goodies buffet style is another way to keep your party friendly and low key. And by using some great looking oven-to-table serveware you save on clean up both before and after the party. They come in so many styles and colors these days that it is easy to find a set that suits both your taste and budget.

Drinks are also super easy to display and serve. Give your H2O an extra kick with some slices of lemon, lime or orange (or all three!) served in a simple glass pitcher. Or add some fresh mint and cucumber for a crisp and light refreshment. Cans of soda and bottles beer can look great and stay frosty in colorful tub full of ice.

Keep decorations fun and fresh by using brightly colored bouquets. You can go for a beach theme by using silver colored sand buckets as vases and seashells are great for keeping napkins safe from the wind. For evening parties, try pillar candles in mason jars for a beautiful centerpiece.

Enjoy the last of these warm weathered days!