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Lismore Castle in County Waterford, Ireland.

Many years ago, 60 to be precise, Waterford Crystal introduced what has become known as the cream of the crops of  timeless stemware - Lismore. That’s right, our favorite stemware, inspired by 18th century gothic architecture of the 800-year-old Lismore Castle in County Waterford, Ireland, took root. The Lismore pattern was created by Waterford Crystal designer Miroslav Havel in 1952. Lismore, the icon of crystal, the envy  of fine glass, commands the world. Its signature, the crisp diamond cuts, tells of early Penrose design. Its allure stems from symmetrical upward flowing wedge cuts. Step in, for a moment, into the esteemed shoes of a connoisseur of ornamental crystallized quartz, and take in the utter beauty and sheer wisdom of such skillful art. Appreciate the effect of technical construction to produce tableware which mirrors architecture of yore. Lismore brings us all forms of tableware and each piece we see is more enchanting than the next!

Lismore Barware by Waterford Crystal

Lismore takes on color! Sure, we love the classic and untainted crystal, but imagine the pop of color! Your table instantly sparks eyes and mouthes alike! Bring out Lismore Jewels Toasting Flutesto adorn and sparkle. This new twist on age-old drinkware captivates hosts and guests of all generations and puts the final touch on every table.

Lismore Jewels Flutes by Waterford Crystal

You think that’s revolutionary? See what came next: In honor of the milestone 60th anniversary, Lismore stylists were enlisted to take the original, pure form and personalize it with their unique and edgy touch. The results: sensational masterpieces called Lismore Essence. The ideal harmonious synthesis of brilliant clarity that is Lismore coupled with sleek modernity that is Lismore Essence. The world was sold.

Lismore Essence by Waterford Crystal

As we say goodbye to the chill of the passing winter, we welcome early Spring. What better way to herald in this wonderful weather other than by embracing it on our tables. That’s right, we love our tableware to reflect the gorgeous feel of the season. Cool ocean breezes, early morning bird chirping and the unforgettable feel of summer lace dress. This post has been inspired by this  Timeout article.

Birds of Spring - Image by TimeOut New York

Dare to take a plunge and dive into the aquatic Oceanus Crystal Stemware from Mikasa? You will only be amazed at the crisp ocean inspired serveware.

Alternate our favorite oval accent plate set, Chirp by Lenox, with gorgeous turquoise table runners. Your tableware- and your guests- will soar!

Understated elegance, inspired by the lace dresses of the season - Alencon Gold by L'Objet, have captured our eyes. Pair this delicate design cream linens for a divine masterpiece.