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Call it what you will, goblets, chalices, stemware, crystal, there is one thing we know – every drink looks better in a beautiful glass. Here is our shop’s favorite collections:

Vendome Goblet by Noritake#1 Vendome Goblet by Noritake

This gorgeous five piece selection with a flawless silhouette is an instant classes that you will love for a lifetime.

Tulipe by Reed and Barton#2 Tulipe by Reed & Barton

A trio of fluid lines, these voluptuous stems have curves in all the right places.

#3 TAC 02 by Rosenthal Bordeaux

Thoroughly modern, these lovely vessels show off the delicacy of glass to perfection.

Reed & Barton Soho Goblet#4 Reed & Barton Soho Goblet

Reminiscent of your grandmother’s crystal, this gorgeous set of glassware will add just the right splash of sparkle to your table.

Limsore by Waterford#5 Lismore by Waterford

Waterford has always been the king (queen?) of glass, and this time they’ve done it again with this brilliant, timeless collection.


Lenox's Opal Innocence

#6 Lenox’s Opal Innocence

Exquisitely carved with climbing vines, these glasses are a resplendent homage to nature.

Duchesse by Vera Wang#7 Duchesse by Vera Wang

Taking a que from her lovely dress confections, Vera Want recreates her vision in gorgeous glass.


Breeze Blue by Noitake

#8 Breeze Blue by Noritake

Finish off your table setting with a splash of ocean blue.


Vera Wang's Love Knots

#9 Vera Wang’s Love Knots

A set for those with a penchant for playful and a whimsy for the wonderful.

Bellina by Lenox#10 Bellina by Lenox

Delicate floral sprigs are etched on fine crystal, giving this pattern a springtime feel.

This post is a part of the Best of Ten series in celebration of the Silver Spoon Store’s 10th anniversary.

L'objet Mariana Tray

#1 L’objet Mariana Tray: This exquisitely formed silver tray in wonderfully multifunctional. Equally perfect as a candle or serving tray, it makes a beautiful gift anyone would enjoy.

#2 Stainless Steel Washing Cups: One of our top selling items, these beautifully crafted washing cups are both practical and lovely with just the lightest touch of intricate ornamentation.

Dansk Lenox Glassware

#3 Dansk Lenox Glassware: Made of the perfect weight glass, this stunning collection makes a great gift for someone who appreciates understated quality.

Lenox Opal Vase

#4 Lenox Opal Vase: With enameled pearl-like dots, an opalescent background, and the innocence of bone china, this is a romantic pattern of understated elegance. Each piece is banded in platinum and decorated with a flowing, white-on-white vine design peppered with enamel dots.

Kim Seybert Mosaic Collection

#5 Kim Seybert Mosaic Collection: Have someone on your list with a penchant for something different? Well, this stunning mosaic set is the gift for them.

Blue Filigree Salt & Pepper Set

#6 Blue Filigree Salt & Pepper Set: Add a dash of color to any table with this Atlantic blue Salt and Pepper set with just the right sprinkling of delicate silver filigree sitting daintily on a matching tray.

The Everything Bowls

#7 The Everything Bowls: Both pretty and practical, it is little wonder that these bowls are our another of our all time best sellers. Coming in three colors, pearl, sea green, and taupe, and in multiple sizes these make a great gift individually, or as as set for someone special.

Casafina Cookware

#8 Casafina Cookware: Casafina’s oven to table (to dishwasher) dinnerware is famous for making beautiful dining a breeze. From budding homemakers to gourmet cooks, Casafina’s wide variety of dishes in every conceivable shape, size and color makes this the perfect gift for anyone familiar with the stove.

Rosenthal Block-Glas Candlesticks

#9 Rosenthal Block-Glas Candlesticks: Function and art interlock in the sculptural Block-Glas series. Each candleholder serves a useful purpose, but is so impressive to look at that each becomes an art piece in itself.

Silver Spoon Store Giftcard

#10 Silver Spoon Store Giftcard: What is one-size-fits-all, never goes out of style and pleases everyone from sisters to bosses to mother-in-laws? That could only be the Silver Spoon Store Giftcard! Taking the guesswork out of shopping has never been easier!